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Monday, March 3, 2014

Who is Danieye?

"Who the 'h' am I to blog?" That's what that mean, annoying, critic voice in my head sounds like...she always has something to say.
Well, here I am anyway. This time I beat 'the critic' and went for it :)
I call myself Danieye (as in dani-eye) but my name is Daniela. Danieye comes from my maiden name Isgro..Dani I. So this is me.

Like most women, I am many things:
a mom, wife, sister, daughter, auntie, friend, writer, singer, artist, performer, minister...and I have many projects in the works. Sometimes I feel like my plate's too full and I get overwhelmed, but its all good-I love it! 
I usually use humor in all things- I consider myself to be pretty funny :) perhaps as you continue to read, you'll agree! or maybe you won't ;)

I'm one who really believes in 'believing in yourself'. Although I preach it and write songs about it- I struggle with believing in myself. It's as if I write the songs and messages to my self /my inner child. I really wish it would sink in already...instead of all the other nasty junk that seems to stick.
It could be about trusting myself as a mom or about believing I'm actually an artist. No matter what I've always done in life, confidence has always been an issue for me. It actually makes me sad and mad...and then sad again. I feel it has really held me back in many things.
I do notice as I continue to work on myself and grow, it gets easier. I just turned 40! Hooray! I'm actually feeling wiser and more comfortable in my skin already! I have thought about writing an online discussion (blog), so I figure- why not. In every single thing I do, I have to fight that lousy 'critic'...let me give it a name ...hmmmm...I'll call her "BruTal" (rhymes with pal :) lets see if that sticks.

Life is good!
My husband is Danny (yes yes-dan and dan are we~ danieye and dannyb). He is truly the best. He is my love and my best friend. The smartest person I know (except for our girls maybe ;) And I must say that he is the most incredible daddy too!

Our two daughters make us feel so lucky everyday (mostly ;) 
They are wonderful & beautiful souls. Sicily is 5. She loves to sing, dance, draw, paint, perform, tell stories--hear them and act them out, & create any way that she can! 
Fiora is 2. She also loves singing and dancing, drawing- (& most of the things her big sister does-only not as flashy and dramatic :) Both love books and playing with Scooby friends and Barbies. They are both very silly and very affectionate with each other. Both sisters always look out for each other; I love that.
I love watching them play. They are quite exquisite and amaze us everyday. 
There's also a sweet, black lab mix doggie, and she's also our daughter. Her name is JavaBean and we call her many things: JavaBeanie, Bean, Beanie, the bean (like the Fonz), JB, etc. She recently turned 10, so she was our first 'baby'.

I love life! My hope is to inspire, amuse, entertain and encourage with my writings and skits. Yes, there will be visuals in the future.
I'll also be sharing some of my 'Mom' experiences: w/ sleep, organic products, much researching of different products, preschools, etc... Hope they help you. My message is that life is good and that we moms (and dads too!) should stick together and support each other on this journey... this life journey full of lots of love, fun and funny  :) After all, 'moms just wanna have fun' (dads too)!  I do love the 80s :)
Please join me and share your own experiences along the way.

Boy do I miss writing! Stay tuned for more juices... Wooohoooooo!
PS: you'll see I tend to use the word 'juice' for everything :] enjoy!

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