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Thursday, April 20, 2017

media experiment

1-19-17 (I know this was a few months ago but felt the need to post it now :]

A media experiment

Some celebrities have amazing talents and I love their music, movies, comedy, etc. Some really inspire and help me as I work on my own art.
However, I'm not interested in what celebrities think about the state of the world (unless they're comedians and it's funny :) 
It's annoying to see it broadcast on news channels like it's some kind of fact we all need to hear. It's not news, it's someone's opinion.
We all have opinions. It's different when you have a discussion with your family and friends. It's two-sided and it's real. 
And while on the topic, let's stop idolizing and putting celebrities on pedestals. They are not gods. Start idolizing and respecting the wonderful everyday people who do good deeds and work hard to make the world a better place...moms and dads and teachers and nurses, doctors, veterinarians, doulas, etc that get up early everyday to take care of children, people, animals. Raising human beings that will one day be part of our world and possibly in positions of power, or taking care of other human beings, and those taking care of people in their hardest times...that's something to admire and applaud! That's something to idolize even. We see hardworking people everyday. Some are serving you at a restaurant, some are rushing from work to pick up their kids from school, and some are giving treatments to cancer patients. Why don't we hear more news stories about everyday people and what they think? What does 'Nancy the nurse' think of the healthcare situation? I would find that much more interesting and watch. Maybe people would find that boring. Maybe it's too similar to our own lives and we want to escape to something different- maybe a fantasy like the life of a celebrity...not me, I'd be more interested in hearing what a teacher thinks about than a celebrity. 
TV has really been so negative and I actually stopped watching news channels a long time ago (unless I'm at someone's home and have no choice :). 
It's quite depressing to hear all the bad and all the wrong in the world.
I wonder what would happen if the news never told of the bad? And only told of the good and positive stories? It would be an interesting experiment...
I bet that the more good stuff all over the media (Oprah's network and Ellen type stuff-which I'm a huge fan of these two celebrities who use their powers for good :),
the more we would all soak that up and start thinking and doing more good. 
Perhaps if the 'bad guys' were not placed all over the news and the covers of magazines and newspapers, less people would feel the need to do negative things to get the 'fame and recognition' they always wanted. Instead people would be doing good things so they could get into the news, magazines, etc.
Maybe I'm very naive...but I do believe that the more positive you surround yourself with, the better you feel and the better you do! What we focus on will expand. 
Let's try focusing on the good stuff. 
Either way, it would make a very interesting experiment. What do you think?
Something to think about...

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