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Friday, April 14, 2017



How different would my life have been if I had more confidence in myself and my abilities?
Interesting question for all.How do we get confidence anyway? I sometimes feel it goes back to how we were raised...But after we do come to that realization, we have a responsibility to get our confidence now as adults. This is not easy since we still have those voices in our heads telling us we suck or we're not good enough. I bet everyone feels this at some point (or at many points :) in their lives.The best thing to do is to acknowledge it and move on to doing what you do. The more focus on it, the bigger (and badder) it becomes. 
That is my experience :)Do whatever you can to feel that confidence and you will really be living life to the fullest. The more we do things, the more confident we will be doing them. We really are wonderful creatures and can do so much good in the world if we believe! And for parents, do the best you can to raise confident children (there's some great great books on this topic). Having true confidence and Believing in yourself is such a huge gift and great head-start in life. They will be forever grateful for that!

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