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Friday, April 14, 2017

"Just one of the Guys"


For fun, a friend and I dressed up for an 80s party. I love the 80s and have actually thrown many decade parties in the past.
After many considerations, we decided on Robert Palmer and the chicks in the video (addicted to love). It wasn't my first choice but still it's always fun to dress up :)
So I thought why not be Robert instead of the chick- something different and funny too. Hahaa yes- dress up as a guy! I'm always a girl so why not.
I totally recommend this to everyone! If you're a girl, be a guy for a day- 
and if you're a guy, be a girl for the day.
It's not easy to be a man- just like it's not easy being a woman. You will see things differently. You will also feel different.
I started to feel pressure to act and stand and walk the right way- the way a man is "supposed to be"...After a while, I realized I was acting like a guy and sitting like a guy...seriously! I caught myself sitting there like a man; while my 'date' went to get us candy at the 80s candy bar. I stopped and thought- oh my god I'm sitting like my dad-very strange! I felt I had to introduce my date to people and expected her to introduce me. There were times I felt like I was hidden and protected and then there were times (more of these) when I felt uncomfortable and lost. I didn't dance because I didn't know if I could dance as myself or as Robert Palmer. It was a fun experience and a very interesting experiment. Highly recommend walking in someone else's shoes! You will always learn something :)

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