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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Set Your Art Free!

Setting your Art free!
I cannot even list all the songs, books, movies, etc that have moved me and changed my life- there are so many!
I sometimes read all I can about the artist and I love biographies especially. In almost every bio or interview, the artist talks about their apprehension of putting their work out into the world...for any number of reasons: fear of judgement, criticism, or not being good enough. I would even say that every artist I know struggles with this. I know I do. I have always struggled with this 'jerk' of a feeling. I find it so interesting  that so many of us feel this way ...and yet so many of us Do the criticizing, add to the judgement and comment on how the artist is not good enough. Another interesting tidbit is that most of those judging and commenting are also artists themselves!
So how do we actually get past the junk and set our work free?? Hmmmm...
I was hoping you could help by sharing your ideas and works for you :)
I'll share what helps me sometimes.
I work it till I feel it's the way it's meant to be at this point in time - my best; and then I share it with someone I trust.
And I ask this person what they think- (usually it's my husband Danny, or my sister Weezie).
Another (braver) idea is to play my song live at an open mic for strangers. Then see what the reactions or feedback is.
I recently joined a wonderful community of musicians online ( Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. I'm so grateful to have this. Here's another idea- Danny gave me a deadline to put my song on Kompoz...and if I didn't, he would. This worked for me too! I am happy and proud to say that a song I've been working on for 5 years just went out into world of kompoz!
I felt so exposed- even though it wasn't the first song I wrote and shared. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Now my 'baby' is out in the world and someone can hurt her...I know all you artists can relate to this! But I believe it's that exact vulnerability that inspires people- just like we're inspired by great art. It's what makes me think I have no right to keep what gift is given to me to myself- I am supposed to share it or it wouldn't be given to me.
When my song is complete I'll share it everywhere. I promise :)
Please share your thoughts, ideas and your beautiful Art! Think of all those you will inspire and help!
Thank you to all Artists! And thank you for listening xo

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